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Founding your own business

Do you have an exciting idea to develop? A career objective to achieve? A company to found? We salute your enthusiasm. But there are many things you absolutely must consider before setting up your project or company.

Does your project have potential?
Is it based on an invention or original design that may be protected? How will it fit into your financial plan? What legal status should it have? Will this choice have an impact on the social and tax status of the company director? How will the rights be distributed among the founding partners? How will decision-making be organised within the general assembly? How will the company's management be organised?

It is clear that the support of a professional is vital for validating your vision.

ODB is the ideal trusted partner for start-ups, freelancers and company directors. We are here to support your entrepreneurial spirit and help you with your business.

If your company is interested in benefiting from our personalised coaching service to help you launch and implement your project, please contact us by emailing or via our contact form.


Your growth is our ambition

Like any entrepreneur, your ambition is to grow and succeed.

Effectively supporting you throughout the development phase is our challenge and responsability.

ODB is here to understand your needs, provide effective management tools to periodically give you the information that will make the biggest difference, and set up the best financial and taxation structure so that you will get the most out of the opportunities available.

For more information, feel free to contact our advisers by emailingor via our contact form.

Votre corporate housekeeping

A company's structure, as well as its regional branches/offices, requires permanent legal management. Regularly updating information relating to the shareholders structure or members of the governing bodies, as well as meeting corporate compliance and governance requirements, takes time and requires technical expertise.

ODB is the ideal, trusted partner of Belgian and foreign companies.

We offer effective support for your everyday corporate compliance needs. Either permanently or as a one-off, we are happy to draw up the legal documents you need to comply with Belgian company law.

If you are interested in benefiting from quality legal secretary services, please contact us by emailing
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Bouncing back

Your legal screen

Are you lacking the funds you need to continue your business, or are you facing debt? Do you have a contractual issue? The current economic climate is forcing entrepreneurs and managers to make radical choices.

How can you protect yourself against poor payers? How can you limit your liability? How can your existing commitments be renegotiated? How can loss-making departments be stabilized? How can you optimise your cash flow? Where can you find the additional funding you need and what steps should you take?

This is just a limited selection of the numerous questions that the company will face during 2016.

Managers will need to provide effective answers to these questions in order to bolster their companies.
 ODB is able to support you through the decision-making process.

If your company is interested in benefiting from our Legal Screen service, please contact us by emailing or via our contact form.