The way that we arrange our customer relations avoids pointless travel as much as possible in terms of communicating documents or information.

ODB has created an online communication portal for its customers. This portal, which can be accessed via the ODB intranet, allows documents to be sent between ODB and its clients.

Clients can upload all of the documents and information that our company will need in order to perform its work (purchase invoices, sales invoices, banking and CODA documents, social security or SODA documents, etc.). The portal can also be used for storing any contracts and other documents that a company might want to have at hand at any moment.

Our customers can also download all of the work performed by our office, such as detailed statements, balance sheets sent to the central bank, company tax returns, individual tax returns, mid-year financial statements, budgets, etc.

This information transfer (in and out) can be done using any device: PC / Mac / iOS / Android, etc.

If customers wish so, we also allow them to do their accounting themselves on our servers, ensuring not only that everything is audited, but also that all accounting details are stored and backed up.

A management portal is also available for customers to liaise with their account manager in real time, view their results, statements, receivables, debts, budget and earnings whenever they want, react much more quickly, and make the right decisions based on the most up-to-date information.