Our mission

There is nothing more efficient than remaining focused on your own skills, knowledge and goals. Particularly if you have a partner who can take the weight of your problems off your shoulders.

Our vision

We can be your External Financial Director.

We are able to act as an External Financial Director, a true partner with an interest in the future of your company, offering accounting, taxation and financial services. We will keep you up to date so that you have a clear grasp of the situation at all times, guiding you in the short, medium and long term.

ODB represents 900 clients, including 600 SMEs. 11 chartered accountants and/or tax advisers. 1 company auditor A precise working method (full quarterly accounting, holding quarterly meetings, periodically submitting monthly or quarterly accounts). Different services, covering auditing, legal advice, accounting, taxation, corporate governance, special projects (liquidation, takeovers, intangible asset valuation), consultancy and even mergers and acquisitions. ODB also gives you a dedicated contact person who knows you well and can provide a precise answer to your questions within a maximum of three days, allowing you to focus on your development and goals.

Our values

We work closely with our clients and endeavour to respond quickly to their needs and requirements.
You can count on sound, personalised support that is adapted to the size of your business, your environment and your constraints.
At ODB, you have access to a multi-talented team with a variety of specialisations. Our team members' wide-ranging experience is a major asset for your company.
Our working methods require us to process all of your accounting at each period. This allows us to have a permanent up to date situation