Companies are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways of increasing their market share or diversifying their business to achieve their strategic objectives. However, company growth remains subject to significant restrictions related to economic and legal changes. In the current uncertain climate, in which laws are becoming increasingly complex, the need for specialist advice is essential.

ODB offers legal advice that is adapted to your needs and considers a variety of different perspectives.

Your success is our number one priority.

The legal services that ODB & Associés currently offers are split into three business areas.

  1. Company law
  2. Support during restructuring and company acquisitions/sales
  3. General commercial law and contract law

Company law

We will guide you through each stage of your company's life cycle and will ensure that you meet the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to you.

This support, for both individuals and companies (and/or investors), is provided in the following areas:

Range of services

  • Company formation and related formalities
  • Creating branches and related formalities
  • Drawing up shareholder agreements, voting agreements, etc.
  • Miscellaneous company capital transactions (increasing and decreasing capital)
  • Legal secretary service (registering and modifying details with the Banque-Carrefour des Entreprises)
  • Drawing up minutes from the general assembly and board meetings
  • Publishing company decisions, updating the shareholder register, etc.
  • Transferring the registered offices nationally or internationally
  • Liability of directors or shareholders

Support during restructuring and company acquisitions/sales

Major restructuring projects give companies the chance to optimise their internal operations (particularly in terms of reducing costs and tax optimisation), adapt to emerging trends or make the most of new market opportunities.

We will help you to implement the right structures for you to benefit the most from the opportunities available.

Range of services

- Restructurings of any kind

  • Mergers and splits
  • Dissolutions and liquidations
  • Acquisition/transfer of business branches or assets

- Acquisition or transfer of a company

  • Drawing up upfront agreements (i.e. letter of intent, confidentiality agreement)
  • Coordinating and performing legal audits on behalf of the seller or buyer
  • Drawing up the relevant contracts relating to the transaction (i.e. share transfer agreement, asset transfer agreement, etc.) and other company decisions
  • Post-closing assistance

General commercial law and contract law

We provide assistance and advice when drawing up custom contracts, in particular:

Range of services

  • Contracts relating to property: lease agreements (commercial, for professional or residential properties), division of ownership, etc.
  • Loan or current account agreements
  • Contracts for services
  • Assignment of receivables/debt

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