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Your business is our business

We offer our clients comprehensive support in the following fields: accounting, taxation, legal advice, financial advice, and business consultancy.
At ODB our main objective is to provide high-quality services that add value to our customers' professional activities.
Our team's vast experience, along with our desire to fully comprehend the specific nature of each customer's business, makes this goal a reality.


ODB is your trusted partner for arranging reliable, effective and efficient accounting.
We always begin by listening to you so that we can best organise your accounting and provide the most relevant information for you and your business.
We are able to work at your premises or in our own offices, and your books will always be available online.

We use the very latest electronic facilities, from CODA software to electronic invoicing, among others.
Our team members help companies and individuals with the following areas of accountancy:
Permanent projects:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Assistance and supervision when outsourcing accounting
  • Budgeting and budget control
  • Drawing up internal statements and annual accounts
  • Financial analysis

Temporary projects:

  • Guidance and support when setting up a new freelance business
  • Writing financial plans (when creating a business)
  • Support when switching to company status

Management assistance

ODB provides management tools that are adapted to your needs, and offers advice throughout your profitability analysis.
Our team members will use the management tools that are most suited to the size of your business and your everyday needs in order to help you grow in every area.

These budgeting and reporting tools are designed and organised to allow you to develop whilst remaining fully aware of your situation.
We will also help you with your profitability analyses: what are the most profitable services or products for you? What earns you money? What could you develop or get rid of?
This profitability analysis is vital to help you make the right decisions for your company and its goals.


ODB is constantly by your side to help you make the best tax decisions for your assets or those of your business.
We work to ensure that your financial and taxation structure promotes your growth as much as possible. You will be offered a comprehensive solution that takes into account both your priorities and the specific environment in which your business operates.

Tax obligations

Belgian tax law is relatively complex and the penalties for submitting incorrect tax returns can be severe.
Our team can help you reduce the risk of not complying with your tax obligations. They will spend time getting to know your company, your aims, your business culture and, as a result, your tax risks.
We also help companies and individuals with the following areas of tax compliance:

  • Registering with the Banque Carrefour and for VAT
  • Preparing and submitting company tax returns, and any other tax return
  • Preparing and submitting income tax returns for individuals
  • Preparing and submitting VAT returns
  • Tax planning
  • Auditing advance tax payments
  • Auditing Belgian tax assessment forms

We work to ensure that your financial and taxation structure promotes your growth as much as possible.
You will be offered a comprehensive solution that also takes into account your priorities and the specific environment in which your business operates.

Tax Due Diligence

Whether you are an investor hoping to acquire a target company or a client wanting to find out how solvent your business is in order to apply for a loan from a bank, our tax due diligence service will reveal any actual or potential tax risks in the target company as well as providing support through updated financial forecasts in order to increase your chances of gaining additional funding.

Tax consultancy

Providing our clients with tax advice is a key part of our role.
The ODB team comprises both generalist consultants as well as specialists.
Our team members place a heavy emphasis on complying with taxation law and providing long-lasting advice. They provide clients with balanced taxation solutions that are adapted to their specific needs and bear in mind any constraints related to their economic situation.
Besides being experts on standard accounting and taxation projects, each partner is also specialised in certain fields of taxation law and in specific accountancy projects.
We operate in the following areas:

  • Support and negotiation during tax audits
  • Tax consultancy (ISOC, IPP, INR (corporate tax, personal tax, non resident tax))
  • Foreign taxation
  • Regional taxation
  • Fiscal ruling


ODB is available to act immediately to help set up business start-ups financially and legally.
We will support you every step of the way as you launch your new business. From drawing up a business plan to choosing the right tools to keep you constantly up to date on how your company is progressing, we have the right advice.

ODB will also advise you on the most suitable legal structure to use in order to protect your assets and optimise your revenue.

Company sales and acquisitions

ODB will help you set up the most appropriate financial structure so that you can make the most of new market opportunities.
We will advise you on the structure you should implement to make your business easier to sell and to get the best price for what you are selling.

Likewise, we will help you to draw up your business plan when purchasing a company, and correctly assess the value of the new company so that you can decide on a reasonable price for the particular circumstances.
We will then prepare all of the financial documentation required by banks in order to support your case and your credit application.
Most importantly, we will perform a full acquisition audit of the company (including vendor due diligence).

Specific projects

ODB strictly complies with legal requirements during restructuring projects (transformations, mergers, splits, liquidation) and when providing support to shareholders.

Our work in this area consists of temporary projects in the following fields:
• Reports on company mergers and splits
• Reports on the transformation of a company's legal status
• Acquisition auditing
• Support regarding the control of a shareholder
• Support in resolving conflicts of interest


Companies are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways of increasing their market share or diversifying their business to achieve their strategic objectives. However, company growth remains subject to significant restrictions related to economic and legal changes. In the current uncertain climate, in which laws are becoming increasingly complex, the need for specialist advice is essential.

ODB offers legal advice that is adapted to your needs and considers a variety of different perspectives.
Your success is our number one priority.
The legal services that ODB & Associés currently offers are split into three business areas.

  1. Company law
  2. Support during restructuring and company acquisitions/sales
  3. General commercial law and contract law

Company law

We will guide you through each stage of your company's life cycle and will ensure that you meet the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to you.
This support, for both individuals and companies (and/or investors), is provided in the following areas:

Range of services

  • Company formation and related formalities
  • Creating branches and related formalities
  • Drawing up shareholder agreements, voting agreements, etc.
  • Miscellaneous company capital transactions (increasing and decreasing capital)
  • Legal secretary service (registering and modifying details with the Banque-Carrefour des Entreprises)
  • Drawing up minutes from the general assembly and board meetings
  • Publishing company decisions, updating the shareholder register, etc.
  • Transferring the registered offices nationally or internationally
  • Liability of directors or shareholders

Support during restructuring and company acquisitions/sales

Major restructuring projects give companies the chance to optimise their internal operations (particularly in terms of reducing costs and tax optimisation), adapt to emerging trends or make the most of new market opportunities.
We will help you to implement the right structures for you to benefit the most from the opportunities available.

Range of services

- Restructurings of any kind

  • Mergers and splits
  • Dissolutions and liquidations
  • Acquisition/transfer of business branches or assets

- Acquisition or transfer of a company

  • Drawing up upfront agreements (i.e. letter of intent, confidentiality agreement)
  • Coordinating and performing legal audits on behalf of the seller or buyer
  • Drawing up the relevant contracts relating to the transaction (i.e. share transfer agreement, asset transfer agreement, etc.) and other company decisions
  • Post-closing assistance

General commercial law and contract law

We provide assistance and advice when drawing up custom contracts, in particular:

Range of services

  • Contracts relating to property: lease agreements (commercial, for professional or residential properties), division of ownership, etc.
  • Loan or current account agreements
  • Contracts for services
  • Assignment of receivables/debt

If you are interested in our legal services, please contact us by emailing .

Asset valuation

ODB is the ideal partner for valuing all of your company's assets and allowing you to make the most of all growth levers available (the common good, knowledge, communication, emotions, processes, financing and the environment).

Corporate Governance

ODB is ready to help professionalise the running of your company in order to achieve the highest standards of governance based on your initial structure and needs, or to grow the quality of your current governance so that you can reach your company's full potential.

Any company, as it develops, will at some point need to consider the professionalism of its decision-making bodies. This question of professionalising the decision-making bodies is particularly relevant to companies that are growing, have a number of shareholders, and are ambitious.