Advice and support in restructuring and acquisition/sale of companies

Reorganizations in the broadest sense offer companies an opportunity to optimize their internal operations (e.g. in terms of cost reduction and tax optimization), to adapt to emerging trends or to capitalize on new market opportunities.

We will help you set up the right structures to take maximum advantage of the opportunities available.

Range of services:

  • Restructuring of all kinds
  • Legal assignments
  • Mergers and demergers.
  • Dissolution and liquidation.
  • Contribution/transfer of a line of business or of a group of assets.
  • Acquisition or transfer of business
  • Drafting of preliminary agreements (e.g. declaration of intent, confidentiality agreement).
  • Coordination and implementation of legal due diligence on behalf of the Seller or the Buyer.
  • Preparation of relevant contracts relating to the transaction (e.g. share transfer agreement, asset transfer agreement, etc.) and other corporate decisions.
  • Assistance with post-closing activities.