Company profile: Beebonds — an alternative financing platform

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At the beginning of this year, we are pleased to introduce you to BeeBonds and its financing possibilities.

An alternative financing platform approved by the FSMA, BeeBonds was created a little over 3 years ago with a unique concept of financing companies through public offerings of private savings.

More than €28 million have already been raised to support Belgian companies.

Crowdfunding is the real “missing link” in financing. You can now finance your projects via funds lent by investors, whether natural persons or legal entities, without diluting your shareholding since it is a bond issue mechanism.

Another major advantage is that unlike other platforms that require monthly repayment, BeeBonds organizes a system of annual bond interest payments with a capital repayment at maturity, which provides your company with significant cash flow until the end of the loan.

Alternative financing offers an opportunity to bolster your equity and can be complementary and subordinate to a bank loan.

The funds are available very quickly. Once the application is accepted by the BeeBonds selection committee, it takes 6-8 weeks to finalize the fundraising and enable your company to have the funds paid directly into your account by the investors.

ODB can take care of compiling your file to be submitted to the BeeBonds Selection Committee.

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