Reinventing yourself in a sector impacted by COVID

Frédéric Vankeijmeulen, managing director of Départ / Platform for Aesthetics, is particularly active in the fashion sector, having built numerous boutiques, showrooms and stands for ready-to-wear shows. It is a real winning asset to be able to count on their financial advice to deal with the health crisis that has hit the ready-to-wear chains so hard.

The clothing industry is in a bad way – to say the least! Insolvency, redundancies, bankruptcy, … clothing chains are suffering and are triggering the domino effect that inevitably impacts on decorators.

Frédéric Vankeijmeulen created Départ / Platform for Aesthetics in November 2004. He comes up with the concept and designs boutiques, showrooms and stands at international fashion shows. He creates, draws plans, searches for materials and accessories, plays with shapes, light and colours. This work of enhancing the value of products requires real creativity and a beautiful sensitive touch. “You have to create a harmonious whole that will arouse desire. You have to be able to tell a story and invite the customer to project himself into the brand’s universe. We do a real staging job,” says Frédéric Vankeijmeulen enthusiastically.

Diversifying the lines of business

Frédéric worked for a long time for a large Belgian company that had many shops. COVID-19 reminded him that you have to be involved in different areas so that you are not left out in the cold if one sector is in trouble. “Ready-to-wear is not doing well and there is no longer a budget for my sector! “says Frédéric Vankeijmeulen.

So the manager of Départ/Platform for Aesthetics managed to capture the attention of the decoration sector. His 30 years of experience in the world of ready-to-wear and his great ability to tell a story through the selection and staging of objects, naturally led him to design for decorating clients and the interior design of private clients. “With the health crisis, people are rediscovering the importance of feeling good in their homes. They want an interior that reflects who they are, but more organized, more functional, while giving priority to aesthetics. During a first visit, I like to analyse the objects that they are really attached to but also those that clutter their lives. From there, reorganising their interior according to their activities and their rhythm is a real challenge and very stimulating. ”

The post-coronavirus world is uncertain and will remain so for many months to come. In order to get through this hectic period, it is important to be well advised. “I have always trusted Olivier Bottequin and Olivier de Bonhomme. They are a team, and thus a range of skills. What’s more, their attentive, empathetic ear is reassuring in these turbulent times.”

In conclusion, if you need to diversify to keep your business afloat, don’t hesitate to call on the experts at ODB. They are always available to advise you. Contact us.
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