NovaBirra: long ideas to get out of the crisis!

NovaBirra, a Belgian SME, has coped with COVID-19 and has even managed to create new activities and develop a new clientele during this unprecedented health crisis! Testimonial.

Emanuele Corazzini, founder and CEO of the SME NovaBirra, is lucky: He only brews the artisanal beers he likes to drink – a pleasure he shares with his guests.

NovaBirra has developed a wide range of activities around beer: Courses for individuals who learn how to brew their own beer recipe, a zythology (a discipline devoted to the study of beer) workshop or team building for companies.

Like many other companies hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis, Emanuele Corazzini has seen his income fall!
He had to stop all his activities for two months, but then he bounced back.
What solutions did this self-described ambitious enthusiast put in place to get back on his feet? He tells us all about them.

Preserving his cash flow

“The brewing courses and tasting workshops have been postponed. The participants were very understanding: nobody demanded a refund! On the contrary, everyone accepted my invitation to postpone the activities…”, says Emanuele Corazzini.
The health crisis was an occasion for vibrant spontaneous expressions of solidarity. Our client was able to convince his customers to postpone the various activities they had signed up for. As a result, he was able to preserve his cash flow.

Being creative

NovaBirra’s activities came to a complete standstill during the first month of the lockdown. This gave Emanuele Corazzini time to think of concrete solutions to bounce back.
“In partnership with Hoppy House, we put together a box with beer, chocolate and honey from three craftsmen in Braine-l’Alleud. A participatory action invited customers to pay an extra €5 to finance the efforts of the St-Pierre University Hospital in the fight against COVID-19”, he explains.
This concrete action enabled our client to sell part of its merchandise and increase its visibility with a new clientele.

Developing B2C

In order to make money, Emanuele Corazzini has developed his B2C sales, offering his contacts (especially those enrolled in his courses) the possibility of selling beer online and delivering packs directly to consumers.
This is a good way to capitalize on existing customers, while developing a more personal and emotional bond with them.

Developing new synergies

Emanuele Corazzini bolstered the links with some bar owners who had remained pro-active, despite the health crisis.

In cooperation with 1030 Café, in Schaerbeek, he proposed a tasty and interactive experience: a menu of food and beer pairings to be enjoyed during a live broadcast on Facebook.

This food-pairing experience enabled NovaBirra to gain visibility and acquire new customers.
Emanuele Corazzini is now studying the possibilities of developing the synergies cultivated during the Covid!
“Live tastings enable me to reach customers in a different way. Human relations are essential in my line of work! ”

Getting the right support

During the first two months into the lockdown when the business was at a standstill, he needed support!

“I contacted Olivier Bottequin and his team by videoconference. The reassuring message he gave me did me a lot of good. ODB is a team, and therefore a set of skills. But not only that! I particularly appreciate their advice and the fact that they lend an empathetic and attentive ear,” concludes an enthusiastic Emanuele Corazzini.
In conclusion, whatever the nature of the crisis, to keep your company afloat, you will need to be creative, without being a kamikaze! Contact us for more information. The experts at ODB are always available to advise you. Contact us for more information.

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