Toitures Lavenne:

a team of experts for your roofing works

Patrick Lavenne founded his company, Toitures Lavenne, a little over 15 years ago. He himself has been active in the sector for over 26 years. Today, his young and dynamic team comprises some ten employees. Carpentry, skylights, zinc work, tile or slate installation, decking, cladding, insulation, repair or maintenance: trust these experts for all your roofing works!

Patrick Lavenne became an entrepreneur some fifteen years ago in the Bioul region. His roofing company has been a great success ever since. His team has grown steadily to exceed 10 employees in 2021, and contracts keep coming in. His best winning assets? A wide range of services and the latest technology.

“Today, Toitures Lavenne has 5 vans, 1 crane and a team of young and talented experts who are involved in every aspect of the operations. We offer a wide range of services throughout Walloon Brabant and the province of Namur. And we make it a point of honour to keep abreast of the latest developments in roofing, technology, materials, etc. ”

Our customers are our best showcase

“90% of our customers are private individuals who heard about Toitures Lavenne through word of mouth or thanks to our lettered vans. ”
The company doesn’t really need to canvass or advertise in general. The teams are already very busy; projects follow one another and do not resemble each other.

For the remaining 10%, we work with architects and specifiers, which enables us to diversify our offer and our services. ”

Renovation is our hobbyhorse

“We are obviously adept at construction sites, but most of the time we work on renovation, maintenance or repair projects. ”

And in order to offer optimal services to its customers, whether it is a matter of techniques or materials, the Toitures Lavenne sprl team is constantly training in new products. This is what makes it different from its competitors: “we always provide quality work and we prefer to spend an extra day on a site to fine-tune rather than rush things.” The finishing touches are just as important as the structural work.

COVID-19 and future plans

“We have not been too badly affected by the health crisis in the construction sector.” Patrick Lavenne explains. The company did suspend its activities for seven weeks in March 2020, but everything has been going well for Toitures Lavenne since them. Employees wear masks when travelling and meeting customers, they disinfect their hands regularly and observe social distancing, of course.

“We generated a slightly lower turnover than usual in 2020… But nothing to worry about. We’re positive about the future. We’d like to buy back our storage site when it’s possible. And I will continue to expand my team as customers are answering the call. ”

ODB makes management easier

Toitures Lavenne and ODB have been working together for 15 years now. “As soon as I have a request, Julie André, my contact at ODB, responds promptly. It goes really smoothly, and we have built up a real relationship of trust. Five years ago, the company went through a bit of a slump, but we felt that the team had our back. We have a good contact, and ODB also takes care of our social secretariat. It’s an easy solution because all the processes are centralized. “Patrick Lavenne is pleased with this solution.

More than accountants, ODB’s employees love entrepreneurs, and they show it each and every day….

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